Mona-Lisa Prosper
LLB, Université de Sherbrooke

Mona-Lisa Prosper is a lawyer with a wide range of interests. Being of a very curious nature, she has always taken high interest in understanding the core concepts behind businesses and what really fuels entrepreneurs’ motivations. In her quest to further deepen her business law knowledge on an international scale, Mona-Lisa had the opportunity to take classes from the Master in international Business Law, during her semester abroad at the Université Catholique de Lyon.

Passionate about more creative industries, Mona-Lisa also studied at the École Supérieure de Mode de Montréal. Her goal was to more thoroughly understand the realities of that area in order to develop an expertise for the legal issues of that industry. She also obtained a Certificate in Entertainment Law from Osgoode Hall Law School Professional Development in order to further deepen her knowledge in entertainment law allowing her to tailor her approach to the key players of this industry.

Mona-Lisa had the chance to work in a firm where she had first-hand exposure to all the issues that can arise in the management of a firm. That is where her desire to become an entrepreneur was confirmed. Not long after, she launched Prosper Avocate, her own firm as a sole practitioner. Choosing a more general practice at first, she quickly understood that what was more fulfilling to her was the creative aspect that the law could have, giving her the tools to contribute to the creation of various entities and help passionate people build and achieve their dreams. That is why it is fair to say that her partnership with Frédérique Lissoir for Propulsio 360° Business Consultants LLP came right on time!

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