Frédérique Lissoir
BCL, LLB, McGill University
Certificate in Chinese Law, China University of Political Science and Law

Frédérique Lissoir is a multilingual, well-traveled lawyer whose intellectual curiosity covers a wide range of areas. Having set foot on all five continents thanks to her academic and humanitarian endeavors, she has notably worked for NGOs in Africa and Central America while her legal training has acquainted her with Chinese business law practices through an internship in a prestigious Beijing law firm. Frédérique has also worked over a number of years for a prominent international law firm based in Montreal.

Driven by her concerns for cultural and ecological issues, Frédérique is committed to working actively for causes dear to her heart, including in the setting of political organizations. As Vice-President of regional development (Entrepreneurship) at the Regroupement des Jeunes Chambres de Commerce du Québec (RJCCQ), Frédérique has the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs from all over the country and to discuss successes and challenges with them. She also recently co-published a report on business transfers in Québec with the RJCCQ. She will also be in charge of the Caravane Régionale de l’Entrepreneuriat (CRE), a grand project where she will visit many regions in Quebec seeking to implement and foster entrepreneurship in all communities. Also, Frédérique will represent Canada as a Canadian Delegate at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance, in Berlin, in June 2017. Her knowledge of technology, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity make her a modern attorney and a great promoter of innovation.

Frédérique relies on negotiating skills, that owe a great deal to her straightforwardness, to carry through contract negotiations, litigation of any kind or matters related to business law in general. Frédérique’s analytical approach and attention to details come in handy when she helps her clients to set up a viable structure for their company’s business plan. She also enjoys trying to envisage a project’s potential.

Finally, Frédérique has developed over the recent years an expertise in agricultural and equine matters in order to meet the local farmers’ needs and to enhance the likelihood of the farmers’ undertakings being crowned with success.


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