Corporate Annual Maintenance Package

As an entrepreneur, your role is to create; our role is to organize your business! 

We take care of your annual corporate obligations, at a reasonable annual fixed rate. By using this service, you make sure that all your obligations are fulfilled on time without penalties from the Registraire des entreprises du Québec, and without headaches from annual declarations, which keeps you in good legal standing for years to come!

Our services include:
• Filing of Annual Declaration(s);
• Preparation of Annual Resolutions;
• Governmental Fee Payment;
• Storage of Corporate Minute Book or Maintenance of Online Minute Book;
• Basic Modifications Included;

We can also help you with all necessary changes to your corporate structure during a reorganization.

Our services include the following:

• Adding a holding company or of a new shareholder, the liquidation or merger;
• Adding a family trust or an asset protection trust;
• Addition or removal of shareholders in the company and the corporate reorganization that it entails;
• Addition or departure of shareholders in the company;
• Redemption, issuance, exchange, or the freezing of shares;

ANNUAL CORPORATE MAINTENANCE role is to organize your business!