Legal Services

Propulsio is proud to offer tailor-made legal services to its clients with affordable and adaptable packages. This is why we offer a wide range of services to cater to your needs.

We are proud to offer tailor-made legal services to its clients with affordable and amendable packages.


As an entrepreneur, you aim to partake in, direct and control in all aspects of your business operations. In many cases, our clients have already signed contracts and would simply like to validate their content and to make sure that they are appropriate for their business needs. Our team understands the necessity of protecting our clients’ rights and to evaluate the potential repercussions of contractual clauses. Therefore, we can properly advise our clients in reviewing and drafting new clauses or simply suggest re-drafting certain items, if need be.
Litigation is a reality in an entrepreneur’s life. Whether we look at shareholders’ disputes, setting up safeguards, trade disputes, our team is able to assist our clients at a very competitive hourly rate. We can draft demand letters, responses, motions and other proceedings as well as any other document you may need. For example, our clients have retained our services to interpret, negotiate, and give effect to agreements in the commercial leasing industry as well as in disputes with service providers or manufacturers. We also represent our clients in matters related to insurance, bankruptcy and civil liability.
The more your business grows, the more legal needs it will have! Whether you are trying to sell your business or buy out a competitor, our team can offer you precious counsel and help you undertake due diligence processes, draft preliminary offers, letters of intent, agreements of sale or any other related document. It is important to use to always keep your objectives in mind and to help you achieve them while guiding your sustainable growth.
Debt collection can be a real hassle and undermines your productivity. We have elaborated a fair tarification grid based on the results of the deal negotiated by the lawyer in charge of your case. You will no longer worry about you legal fees exceeding the amount claimed! With our approach, you will be able to budget for any collection. The legal fees you pay correspond to a fraction of the amount recovered in accordance with a percentage grid. Disbursements and a partial amount are due upfront and the legal fees are contingent upon successful settlement or positive judgment. Please contact us for more information.
Starting your own business pertains all sorts of pitfalls on the intellectual property front. Indeed, trademark registration, industrial design, website terms and conditions, cyber security as well as any other business needs are part of your creative process and can lead to serious litigation if not properly registered or controlled. This is why we help our clients to protect themselves from such problems by offering consultation sessions and action plans to insure an optimal and responsible growth of the business.