About us

Essential legal and business advice to jump start your business.

Propulsio 360 is located in dynamic start-up hub Saint-Henri, Montréal. Our mission is to deliver highly personalized business and legal solutions to young, growing and well-established businesses in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

We are a start-up that helps other start-ups. Our “one-stop-shop” approach allows us to really understand the essence of our client’s project, to advise them simultaneously on the business and legal side and, of course, to help them grow! We understand what you are going through and propose flexible and innovative solutions to your problems.


We have built a solid network to help you with all your business needs whether you are looking for a designer, marketer, accountant, tax advisor and much more!

Our Principles

  1. Passion
    We deliver innovative solutions to your creative and unconventional projects.
  2. Professionalism
    We treat our clients the way we would want to be treated. We believe that working with our clients is a privilege and we value our long-term relationship with them.
  3. Productivity
    We believe that time efficiency and quality are at the basis of any good service. This is why we offer quick and reliable services.

Our amazing team

Propulsio 360’s professionals’ wide range of interests is at the center of the quality of its services.

Who Are Our Clients ?


Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
We are here to provide you with all the advice you might need whether you’re getting started, have been operating for a while or are preparing for a transition! Our professionals can help you save money, precious time and energy to help you thrive.
Not-For-Profit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurs
We believe that your actions improve cohesion in our community and embellish our great city. This is why we have developed a particular expertise in providing legal and business services customized to the needs of such organizations.
Activists and Agents of Change
We really think making a difference starts with individuals taking risks and having the courage to pursue routes to the unknown. We feel confortable with our activist clients because we chose to follow our dreams and never looked back. We really want to hear about your big plans!
Artists and Self-Employed Individuals
We believe that you should focus on your creativity and we should help you manage and organize it! As lawyers and business consultants, we can come up with our own creative ways to assist you in planning and financing your dreams.